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*Computer slow?

*Internet slow?

*Need Help with Smartphones and tablets?

*Computer is restarting, turning off, or "black & blue"?

*Have infections, viruses, spyware, etc...?

*Can't connect to the internet or network?

*Priceless photos, videos, music, docs aren't backed up?

*New computer is slow? Lots of junk software?

*Printer doesn't print? Spending $100's on ink/toner?

*Want a newer, faster, cheap & reliable computer?

*Tired of waiting weeks, spending $100's to get your computer fixed; just to break again in 3-9 months?

*Computer makes weird noises & smells funny?

*You sneeze every time you go near your computer?

 Then Call US Immediately...

Phone - (410)929-9985 - Same Business Day Call Backs
Email -
sales@mypcmedicmd.com - 2 Hour Response

***Refer A Friend Or Family Member for a $25
Gift Certificate
(See Specials/Sale)

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